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Yogic Wellness & Healing Sessions

$160.00 USD

   A Consultation & Healing; specialized in rejuvenation, regeneration, longevity & restorative practices.  Reading the signs and language of your self-sense, we will discover your condition & wishes for health in a conversation with body work to evaluate & co-create wholeness and understanding. 

   You get a better insight of your health and your well-being with therapeutic relief using guidelines for lifestyle  adjustments. You'll get modalities, techniques and self-care tools to apply easily with follow up instruction and coaching. A yogic healing will give you a liberation from any confusion, conflicting energies & stress, by creating new order in priority and sobriety to your well being. A session includes; long form shiatsu/body manipulations, adjustments in breath, energy and posture, attention to nervous system & chakras, food- diet, appropriate exercise, relaxation & meditation. 

   Siva Kami gives you the expanded version of your health and how to navigate your health with a better sense of self & insight. Read Bio in ABOUT link.

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