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Yogic Wellness & Healing Sessions

$180.00 USD

A consultation & healing; determine the conditions & sensations of mind-body in expanded conversation, we will co-create wholeness and completion!  plant, animal, elements, habit, pattern, energy, diet, planets, stones, oils, environment and karma with dharma. (life path) with inquiry and love. 

You will get 'understanding' of your health and your well-being with therapeutic relief using guidelines for lifestyle adaptations and adjustments. You'll get modalities and self-care tools to apply easily with little effort, instructions with easy follow up. Much of the information is available if you research however, a yogic healing will give you 'understanding' and liberation  from the confusion, conflicting energies & stress by creating new order in priority and sobriety to your well being. A session includes; long form shiatsu/body manipulations, adjustments in breath, energy and posture, attention to nervous system & chakras, food evaluation/complimentary diet, exercises, meditation. Siva Kali gives you the expanded version of your wellness and how to navigate your healing 'self' with directness & personal power, helping you reach your potential. 

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