Yogi Civilian

Yogic Retreat @ Joshua Tree, May 3-5, 2019 A no tech zone. rest is divine among star dusted bodies lit by mineral warmed air, under the desert sky.

grounding, musical meditations, stones, strings, , , theory's in motion, experiential and perfectly restoring renewing rejuvenating. om. 

you'll learn about; pranayama (breath), the senses & 'observation'. this retreat highlights the education and experience of the nervous system as witness to pure potentiality and expanded awareness. the subtle body


RETREAT to the Desert Landscape at Joshua Tree, CA.
  EXPANDED AWARENESS and PERFECT RELAXATION (everything sattvic /calming)
with Yvonne AKA Siva Kami 

In spacious nature 

getting WHOLE unified & magnetic 

  May's awakening is at the solar plexus;'OBSERVATION' is the tool the key the vehicle.

Friday (PM)

Check-in @ 3pm

Light Dinner

Yoga Nidra

Saturday (AM)

Hatha Yoga

20-min guided meditation


Expanded Awareness minilab STATIONS

(sensory perception exercises-playing in pairs, solo and group)




Yoga Nidra

Sunday (AM)

Hatha Yoga

20-min guided meditation


Check-out @ 12;30


inspires all levels, the strong body,  the breath (pranayama) universal body, healthy body, useful body. 'force body'

 the mind-body is lightly exercised with asana, mudra, bandha, mantra, prana, vayus, and attention to  the symbolic names and the hidden language of posture/asana to inform the surface of practice with expanded awareness, meaning and purpose.

NOTE; we have props to assist your practice.


inspires all levels, the astral body, subtle body, energy body, nervous system, guided imagery/visualization, deep relaxation. 'surrender body'

When the mind-body is perfectly relaxed in a receptive state of being, all systems and functions harmonize and become elevated energetically - unity/cosmic body.

NOTE; we have props to assist your practice.


inspires all levels, the sensory body, expanded awareness,  sense perception, mindful exercises , exploration of time and space with the senses to inquire and 'observe' the 'self'''atma body'

we will use mirrors, string, blindfold, and rocks in our exercises to play with expanded awareness and depth perception.

NOTE; if you have semi precious stones? bring them to earth and cleanse with.

Reserve Ticket

sleeping arrangement is first come first serve. nothing strange just practical. two queen beds/rooms/ center room pull out bed. outdoors/indoors. peace and joy.

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