Yogi Civilian


if the world is inside of us, we can accept & experience more,,,

      We live in a world that is informed and experiencing a growth, a shift, an awakening to our potential and our interconnectedness. An awakening is a period of expansion, we are expanding into one another both, physically and spiritually. We NOW see the world through our camera lenses, with more information and technology, the world has gotten smaller however, the information has gotten bigger & faster. The enlightenment is here with the liberation of 'self'. The 'Self' or Atma is awakening in every living thing, awakening to the concept of 'one world & one love' witnessed in the trends of language, images, stories and art. Inclusiveness is a way of communication and understanding - to include both your view & my view is a stretching of our individualism and growing our capacity to be present with more. This is a new perception or way of knowing, where we can adapt and acknowledge that we are all connected and our actions affect one another - karma & dharma - Our footsteps matter, we can choose to be with one another and focus our energies on a planet with sustainable ideas. Regeneration farming  is an exciting and understanding of co -operation with nature instead of fighting & controlling nature. . MosDef " why are we born if this is how we have to die?"    SK " Why are we living longer lives, if not to realize or evolve our consciousness and understanding of ONE WORLD ? There is more, look again.

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