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In a dusty past of a dream, your breeze had a scent , vanished, standing in the evening and changed, feeling untethered & uncorrupted,  a relaxed wholeness, rocked by this sense of pure potential,

      Thank You India, for Ayurveda Science & Yoga Practice brain power of the most excellent way today. Through the study of yoga, we can comprehend how the body & mind enable yogic experience to manifest. EMERGING YOGIS EVERYWHERE 'Understanding' the Universe'. Yogi Civilian wants to  give back this natural knowledge and hidden language, creating the extraordinary in the ordinary, the expanded in the common, the universe in the 'self'. We will be doing community building in health education with our T shirt: A Common Cosmic and the Yogi Civilian 'Service Team'. 

      When the 'yogic sight' eliminates the mind's preconditioning, a person gains the ability to contemplate and look deeply into any aspect of the universe, that is what is meant by 'yogic sight'. If, one chooses, and nature permits, an unconditioned mind can penetrate into any object, substance or material and fully grasp the underlying truth and essence of the object or material, discovering the elemental secrets of the universe.


    We are made of the sun, the moon and the stars, life-giving and life-supporting pure- potentiality. People are the very crown of nature, it is our time to care for the sustainability of life. What am I experiencing & how am I experiencing? We are the change we want to see in the world, creating new business partnerships and collaborations, extending our circles of friends giving us this new expression of sustainability and  expanded awareness with this love in every cell of the body, knowingness in every cell of the body, bliss in every cell of the body, consciousness in every cell of the body, infinite healing in every cell of the body, infinite creativity in every cell of the body- 

love knowingness bliss


lab is cool, workshop is sexy, class is necessary, retreat dope, yoga is getting around, oh yeah, is the karma the dharma? a fun time; the conversation of youth is expanding as is most people's 'understanding'. we are experiencing an alchemy in time of our consciousness and the natural world; the subtle or astral body with knowingness of feeling and thought in a field of expanding information is giving us more to sense because, we can handle it, why? because, the world is inside of YOU! we are e x p a n d i n g in our capacity to be present; to integrate, harmonize and inspire peace, love and unity. what's next, you ask? well, integration, harmony, inspiration and peace in this moment is enough for 'NOW' 

- Aka Siva Kali

c o s i m a ART 

 night image

when you rest, the dream sleep opens to tunes of the cosmos, bringing the sounds of bliss into spacious peaceful sleep. sleep is a spiritual event, your mind unites with the cosmos.

morning image

when you rise, the nights spiritual journey needs to calmly unite with your new day, into the day gently and compassionately. sit in your car, before you start the engine say, " i am calm, i am observing others and surrounded by love and protection".

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