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 by Yogi Civilian- Teaching Yogic Health Education- wellness classes "at no cost" to underserved communities. Our teachers are paid, a minimal amount for their travel expenses and alternative fee's  from a Grant Fund. Yoga Classes are 45-60min. We are seeking more boys & girls programs  Please Link Up for inquiries 

the world is inside of you

Siva Kami AKA Yvonne 

   That's true, we are going through growing pains however, also happening is this expanded understanding of life and connectivity where are relationships are moving into sustainable partnerships that work in efficiency, transparency, innovation, preventative/conservation and integration or inclusivity*.  A wonderful time for play of expression and creativity with EMERGING SOLUTIONS AND HEALING KNOWLEDGE. There is enough of everything for everyone because, the recycling & rejuvenation of life is the expression of nature, we just need to join and not resist the winds of growth & change. There is an inspired sphere of love & compassion moving in our collective consciousness with the understanding of connectivity. We are gaining and evolving our relationships with one another although, it feels stressful and hostile at  this time, we are evolving and the gates are opening and the awareness of a new landscape - One World- is being accepted in different communities, countries and cities, creating a  unified field of wholeness & wellness for the sustainability of life on earth. Individually, this is something all people crave subconsciously and work towards unknowingly; making choices to complete themselves, making decisions that will create a sense of wholeness and striving towards a potential of peace & harmony. 

   The earth is craving this too, wholeness, unification globally and locally expanding into our second attention - oneness & expanded awareness. 

- yoga. 

Siva Kami is a Healing Practitioner, *Ayurveda Pancha Karma Specialist, *Chinese Acupressure, Long Form Shiatsu, Pranic Energy & Master Teacher (kundalini liberation /shakti re-birth in March 2019) 20 years *Integral Hatha Yoga, *Cardiac Rehabilitation & Reversal of Heart Disease DR. Dean Ornish, Yoga *Therapy. She was the Wellness & Fitness Facilitator at The Canyon at Peace, A dual-disorder mental health and drug addiction recovery center,Malibu. She worked at Surya Spa in Pacific Palisades; Ayurveda technician. BSR Breathing, Stretching, Relaxation for Veterans. Volunteer/Service Teaching; Veterans of America VA, LA., Portals Mental Health, LA. Sunshine Mission La Boca Woman's Shelter, LA. Today, she teaches class at Liberation Yoga- LA. *Is a Body Weather Laboratory member; an international movement research program for the arts -studied with Min Tanaka/Japan, Oguri LA & Christine Quoiraud France, Su-En Sweden. *Artist BFA California Institute of the Arts. She feels yoga should be experimental, empowering and aesthetic. If seeking, yoga is giving like nature, we are entangled in natural knowledge and have the potential and capacity to understand our selves and life with more love, knowingness  & bliss. As a health practitioner, Siva Kami worked with families; Randy Newman ; Miguel Pullido, Karen November, Sasha Premoli & many more, sharing the gifts of healing & wellness with families, she traveled and would work for several years with groups and individuals  in evolving a circle of wellness in common ways to expand understanding of health & wholeness.  Her workshops, retreats and performance work is experimental and experiential. 


 YOGA~  the common denominator ~ l.o.v.e is all that exists.

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