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Yogi Civilian

A Common Cosmic ©

 change is happening, the heart is waking, awareness is expanding,,,,,,,

Thank You India, for Ayurveda & Yoga. EMERGING YOGIS EVERYWHERE 'Understanding' the Universe'. When the 'yogic sight' eliminates the mind's preconditioning, a person gains the ability to contemplate and look deeply into any aspect of the universe, that is what is meant by 'yogic sight'. If, one chooses, and nature permits, an unconditioned mind can penetrate into any object, substance or material and fully grasp the underlying truth and essence of the object or material, discovering the elemental secrets of the universe. 

A Common Cosmic ©

         Life is NOW (a present) on a big rock, made of the sun, the moon and the stars, life-giving and life-supporting pure- potentiality. Love in every cell of the body, knowingness in every cell of the body, bliss in every cell of the body, consciousness in every cell of the body, infinite healing in every cell of the body, infinite creativity in every cell of the body- 

 love knowingness bliss


     A natural born healer- Started YC (a wellness brand) in 2008, Opened YC studio in 2015, An Integral Yoga instructor (beg-adv) with an extensive background in Dance, Yvonne aka Siva Kami began teaching Hatha Yoga in 1997, was twice in the residency program at Sri Swami Satchidananda Yogaville Ashram in Virginia. There, she underwent disciplined training and devotional practice in meditation, philosophy, asana, and pranayama. Following the lineage of Sri Swami Sivananda Maharaj, Swami Satchidananda instilled in her the practice for all branches of Yoga, and especially the spoken word (poetry). Certifications include Integral Yoga, BSR Wellness (tailored classes designed for veterans), Licensed in Cardiac Rehabilitation & Dr. Dean Ornish's Reversal of Heart Disease Yoga Therapy, PanchaKarma Therapist at Corrina Maharani. BFA 1993 from California Institute of the Arts. Siva Kami has performed and led numerous workshops & retreats in the CA/US, Europe, Japan, Mexico, Bali, and Belize. A former dancer with Oguri and RS at Body Weather Laboratory, she joined Min Tanaka's BWL in 1991 and has made extensive practice and study of mind-body communication using imagery, visualization, and kinesiology. Siva Kami was the Wellness Group Facilitator at the Canyon at Peace, a dual-disorder recovery center in Malibu, CA, where she presented a diverse array of mind-body therapies in Yoga, deep relaxation (stress reduction) and experiential sensory perception exercises for addiction and rehabilitation. Pancha Karma technician; she learned the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda at Suyra Spa Pacific Palasades, CA.  her teaching is rooted in the holistic nature of Yoga and Sustainability. Service Teaching: A Volunteer Teacher; Veterans VA,  Woman's Shelter La Boca LA & Portals Mental Health LA, 18 years making Avant-garde Performance Art & Dance , A member of Body Weather Laboratory International (movement research for the arts). Siva Kami's extensive experience gives rise to an alchemy of play and innovation, with transcendental 'attention' to the natural world of materials, substances and their symbolic & metaphorical placement!

         In addition but, not limited to; Hatha Yoga practitioner at Liberation Yoga Studios (Los Angeles), trainings in Kundalini, Iyengar, long-form Shiatsu (Chinese medicine), Pranic Healing, Marma Therapy (Ayurvedic medicine), and Macrobiotics.

c o s i m a ART 

 night image

when you rest, the dream sleep opens to tunes of the cosmos, bringing the sounds of bliss into spacious peaceful sleep.

morning image

when you rise, the nights spiritual journey needs to calmly unite with your new day, into the day gently and compassionately. sit in your car, before you start the engine say, " i am calm, i am observing others and surrounded by love and protection".

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